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Glass Worktops

Your galss splashback quotation in 3 easy steps

Glass Worktops, A Stylish Alternative to Traditional Tiling

Glass is luxurious, crisp and clean and makes any Kitchen or Bathroom Sparkle. It has a remarkable blend of function, durability and style that will literally transform your room.

For a clean, functional and modern look glass is ideal.

Most people think that glass is not strong enough to be used as a worktop and usually go for hard stones like granite and marble but glass, in the correct thickness, is as strong and durable as any hard stone.

It has a distinct sophisticated look that separates it from other solid surface materials and is available in a whole array of designs and colours.

You can get creative and add features like backlighting for a stunning finishing touch. A look that is unique to glass work surfaces.

  • Durable, hard wearing and stylish
  • Smooth & glossy with a contemporary finish
  • Anti-Bacterial - Glass is a non-porous material so the possibility of bacteria multiplying on its surface is Nil.
  • Heat Resistant - Highly resistant to heat & burns. You will have no problems with hot pots & pans staying too long on its surface.
  • Easy to Clean - Very easy to clean and maintain, a soft cloth in mild soap is enough to clean dirt and grime.

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